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Back home, back on Extreme Doing Things Mode.

I’m back from my breather, and it was a wonderful time – there was holiday knitting, and there was bouldering, and some quality shopping for things I cannot get here, and there were walks in sunny weather and a bit of mudlarking and there was cake.

Lots of cake.

That, by the way, is the Afternoon Tea for two people in the Salvation Army Café near St Paul’s. Which was delicious.

Somehow, British cake is considerably different from German cake, and somehow I have not yet managed to copy it. I probably have not tried hard enough (read: properly, using a recipe from Britain and actually sticking to what it says) – but when we are across the Channel, I end up eating lots of cake and really enjoying it, and scones with clotted cream as well.

So there was cake, and scones, and more cake. Too much for my own good, probaby… but I regret nothing.

There was also a streak of luck in timing, and we got to see the first female Doctor Who right when it was aired in Britain, which was totally awesome (and of course accompanied by a nice cup of tea). It’s probably a good thing we only discovered quite late that we could watch older episodes of Dr Who in our apartment, or there might have been some binge-watching to the detriment of sleeptime (which was very, very much needed).

What there was not, though, were those lovely German Heinzelmännchen who take care of all the work back home while one is away, so on the list of “urgent things to do”, getting emails and shop orders on their way was right up there on top with “go grocery shopping or starve”.

Now there’s some Textile Forum stuff to be taken care of, and Google has let me know that there seem to be some issues with the mobile version of my webpage. So if you’ve been trying to read stuff on the blog with your mobile implement and have gotten a load of 404 errors – I’m sorry about that, I am now aware of it, and I am trying to fix it. (If you should run into any errors, or have any other issues with these pages, please don’t hesitate to tell me. It’s amazing how many things can remain undetected even if you try from time to time to make sure everything is working alright – so I always appreciate getting a hint if something is not!)

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