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Things going on here? Not much in terms of new stuff – I am caught in maintenance, but it’s long overdue, much needed, and very good to finally tackle this.

Basically, I am still sorting out the post-Forum chaos, with papers to read and file, photos to sort and documentation to finish.

Otherwise, it’s all much-needed maintenance works – on the website, behind the scenes where you can’t see it; in my storage spaces, which includes the basement; in my email backlog; and last but not least in my main workspace, where somehow things had accumulated and sort of piled up.

When I was packing for the Forum, I took a part of these piles with me, and the other part remained behind – so now, with half the things neatly stacked into boxes for transport, it was a really good opportunity to first sort out the remaining rest. Floor space! Desk space! Wonders of getting things sorted! There’s still a good bit left to do, but it’s a good beginning at least. Soon there will also be a new shelf in the basement for storage of stuff – as one of the Forum participants very rightly stated, I have a lot of stuff. A huge lot – and since this is only becoming more over the years, with the assortment in the shop growing and my stock for workshops etcetera growing too, there’s need for some more shelf space. So this, at least, is progressing nicely.

Other things, meanwhile, are not quite as nicely going as hoped for. One is a new spinning tool project that is stuck because the workshop I’ve talked to had some problems to deal with in the past few weeks – though I am hoping it will sort itself out soon. The other is medium software troubles with my video editing software, which will either be solvable very quickly next time I sit down for this, or the software is out and I will have to look for a new one. Sigh. There’s a learning curve, and it feels rather steep. But hey – learning something once in a while, that is supposed to be good, right?


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