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Helpful, helpful cat.

As usual, the month is running out and I am assembling my monthly (German) newsletter with news from the shop (plus some additional info I find interesting) juuust on the edge of it… somehow, every month, there is something happening to delay things.

This time around, it was the Textile Forum first, then I caught a cold (again! I am of the firm opinion that one instance of winter-related sniffle-containing illness is more than enough per year or cold season), and now… now I still need to take the last photos.

Because, you see, I finally have embroidery frames back in stock. Nice, large, wooden ones – slate frames, like they were used before the small round ones came up in the 18th century. And while you do not need a frame for many kinds of embroidery, including counted stitch work, when you do need a frame, this kind will provide you with very nice, very long-lasting tension and a large area to work in.

So after being out of stock for a while (it took longer than expected for the woodworker and me to get together on some changes to make the frame even nicer), I now have the frame not only in beech, but also in birch wood and maple wood. Even more important than this mostly visual thing: The top and bottom slates are formed a bit differently now, which means they can accommodate a wider fabric.

Well. If I want to link to this lovely new thing in the newsletter, obviously, this has to go into the shop first. Which means I have to update the description… and the photos. The frames are too large to photograph with my usual setup, though, and when I whipped out an alternative background fabric and placed it on the couch, then set the frame on it, guess what happened?


I got cat-bombed.

Thank you so much, little cat, for making my work easier. Not.

Though maybe I could use this picture with the remark “cat-approved” and “cat not included with purchase”?

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6 Responses to Helpful, helpful cat.

  1. I think a picture of your new frame would be a powerful sales tool. Even with “cat not included with purchase” written under it. 🙂

    • Katrin says:

      Pictures have been taken now – cat-free ones. Though I might take another set. (Insert sigh here about how hard it is to take good product photographs…)

  2. Heather says:

    But will there be a fine layer of cat hair included with every purchase?

    No home is complete without it!

  3. Christine says:

    I would write “cat only used for scale” on the photo.
    Actually, I found the photo with cat useful, especially the second one because I had no idea of the size of the frame. With the cat as a reference I can imagine that much better.

    • Katrin says:

      That is certainly a good point! Though the cat for scale may be misleading – she’s a rather large cat, so the frame might appear smaller than it is… it’s about 60 x 60 cm.

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