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Archaeological Textiles Review – Knitting Issue

The 60th issue of the Archaeological Textiles Review is due out soon, and this issue is focussing on the study of Early Modern knitted items. It includes articles on two 16th century caps (including the earliest known example of Danish knitwork), 16th century wool stockings, 17th century silk stockings, shipwrecked items including mittens from the Netherlands and Sweden, and a proposal for a new protocol for recording evidence for knitting.

The volume contains 99 pages devoted to knitted fragments and garments with many colour photographs and detailed specifications such as gauge, yarn and fibre for each item. It is available through subscription to the ATR friends and costs 250 DKK (which is about 34€ or 38 USD or 30 GBP).

The Uni of Copenhagen will decide on how many issues to print depending on the number of subscriptions, so you might want to put in your subscription as soon as possible if you want one – copies will be sent out early in the next year, according to my information.

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