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Off teaching… again.

Everything here looks like it always looks just before I am leaving for some event: There’s clothes and other overnight stuff on the bed, stacked up and waiting to be put into my “personal belongings” bag; there’s stacks of boxes with the shop wares, ready to be transferred to the car, sitting next to the door; and there’s stacks (or heaps, depending on their nature) of things necessary for the different workshops or other special requirements.

My workshop scripts are printed out and sitting at their respective places, my “office box” which contains paperworky stuff (such as the newsletter infosheet, and receipt forms, and the card reader) is with the other shop goods to be transferred, and all that is left to pack is the computer (as in this case, I will be taking it along) and, of course, my trusty thermos mug.

That one is still on the kitchen counter, waiting to be filled with some delicious fresh hot coffee just before I hop into the (then fully loaded) car, to make me happy while I am on the road…

So it’s prep business like usual, and I’m already looking forward to the afternoon, when I will meet up with the whole group at the Historisches Nähtreffen… and then get started spinning tonight.

As I’ll be spending the weekend working, I will take my break afterwards – and see you back here on the blog on Wednesday. Until then, I hope you’ll have as much fun as I am seeing in my own future!

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