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Finishing Stuff.

One of the things about archaeological experiments is that they always take longer than expected… and then, in the aftermath, there’s… the aftermath.

Which, in the case of the Pompeii Dyeing Experiment, involves making reference cards for the different dyeing results. Which means labeling sheets of cardboard, punching holes next to the labels, and then winding off tiny skeins of yarn which are in turn pulled through these holes and fastened.

If you have never done something of the sort, let me tell you: it takes a ridiculous amount of time, and it is stunningly boring work, and I can totally, utterly understand if a dyer does not do yarn colour reference cards (which are only an indication of what colours are possible anyways) and even better why they are not handed out to customers.

Work in progress – I’m less than halfway through here. Altogether, it’s four sets of three cards with five skeins each, so it’s sixty samples to wind and attach. Can you feel the boredom oozing through the picture?

Now, though, it’s finally done, and I can send off the cards to their respective owners (among them the Lab for Experimental Archaeology, for their archive of experiments done at their place). And then, some samples will go into a different lab for testing – so there’s a post office run in my near future, which will be followed by a deep, heart-felt sigh of having finally finished that part of the Textile Forum Aftermath!

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One Response to Finishing Stuff.

  1. Heather says:

    Yay! 🙂

    Are you seeing those shades of yellow in your sleep yet…?

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