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Yesterday was a day for taking photos – because, well, the Newsletter for January was still to go out, and I actually had an exciting new thing for that one, which unfortunately had to be put into the shop before I was able to link to it…

so there I was, having to take product photos. I’m sure I have complained in the past about how hard it is to take good product photos. Usually, I try to go for a nice, bright day and set up the photo equipment in the wintergarden, but yesterday, I missed the time of bright sunshine… so I was very, very glad that the photo tent thingie came with suitable lamps:

So… who knows what this is, and what it can be used for?

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2 Responses to Pictures!

  1. Bruce says:

    Without having the excavation reports or photos of the excavated object, I’d say it was a ceramic polycandelon – a multi wicked lamp. A fairly simple test should show if it has contained oil, and maybe even what sort of oil.

    As for ‘other uses’, I’d say the most likely one would be ‘drinking games’ where you filled it up with some suitable drink, then passed it around the table/hall, everyone gets a drink and some sort of ‘penalty’ for whoever drops it or drains the last drink from it.

  2. Heather says:

    I have a photo from European textile forum 2009 of one being used for its possible purpose…

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