Nächster Kurs in Erlangen: "Brettchenweben mit System", 31.8./01.09.

Im Kurs erkläre ich Brettchenweben nach einem System, mit dem die freie Musterbildung - ohne Musterschrift! - möglich ist. Der Kurs ist für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet!

Mehr Informationen und Anmeldemöglichkeit: hier klicken.

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With the bonus warp, I’ve done some playing around – one thing I wanted to test was using a warp spreader (also known, in this testing instance, as “common comb”) and see how this would work for me. Another thing on my list of stuff I’m itching to do was to play around with diagonals – when the ladies in the weekend weaving workshop in Belgium were in the diagonals stage, this desire suddenly jumped into my brain, and there it stayed.

So I spent a little time just fooling around – and I have some more ideas for the next bits.

I’m half pleased with some of the patterns and quite pleased with some others – and the overall impression would probably have been nicer with a purple weft thread instead of the white one, but ah, well, there’s a few more metres to come…

… so I can fiddle with these eyes and peacock eyes and slanty bits some more.

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