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Just in case you are not into textiles, but more into stones – or know someone who is: The ArchaeoParc Val Senales is having a Flint Knapping Symposium on May 29 to June 1. It’s a conference for experts, museum professionals and hobbyists working with flint knapping techniques, intended as an opportunity to gather and share experiences.

I’ve been to the ArchaeoParc (we had the wonderful opportunity to hold a Textile Forum there), and it is a wonderful place with spectacular scenery, incredibly nice people and utterly delicious food. So if you needed an excuse to go there, this conference might just be it.

You can find more information about it here on the Museum website. Be aware that it is taking place during the main travel season of South Tyrol, so if you want to go, try to arrange registration and booking as soon as possible!

(And if you do go, please say hello to Johanna for me!)

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