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Garden Stuff.

The garden is in proper spring mood now – the peach blossom is through, as is the bloom of the sour cherry. There are the first strawberry blossoms now:

and, much to the delight of bees and bumble-bees, the borage is also in flower already:

Theoretically, these are edible leaves, and they are said to be delicious in combination with cucumbers – but somehow I’ve never really warmed to them. They are a bit too hairy for my palate. I still enjoy having the plant in the garden, though, as they are blooming nicely and for most of the warm period; the flowers make a nice edible decoration on salads, and the insects love them, too. Plus it comes back year after year, sowing its own seeds, and if it is somewhere that I don’t want it, removal is rather easy. So altogether, it actually is one of my favourite plants!

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  1. Harma says:

    The Dutch name for this plant would translate to “cucumber herb”.

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