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Back from the fair!

I’m back from the fair, which was – as usual – both fun and exhausting. We had a slightly different setup in our booth this year, which made things a bit more interesting as well. New layouts always mean spending a little more time on setup and decoration, as things need to be figured out anew. We both arrived early enough on setup day, though, to do this in a fairly relaxed way. No car calamities this time – and not even a traffic jam or similar thing that would have held me up!

As always after a fair, I took it easy for a day to relax and unwind a little, and also as always, I now have homework to do: Update stuff on the shop page, write emails, look up things, and so on.

There’s also some other stuff here waiting for me to have some time… exciting little bits of stuff. Now where’s that extra day between Saturday and Sunday, reserved only for fun things? Can somebody invent that, please?

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