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On the Hunt.

I’m on the hunt – on the hunt for suitable rooms for giving workshops, for all those lovely topics where my home is not large enough – such as tablet-weaving with more than two people.
Since tablet-weaving workshops have been requested again and again, and I’m also really psyched about giving them (as teaching tablet-weaving is utter fun, for me), I need a room for that… with enough good light and enough space to place tables and chairs for a convenient setup, and preferably not too far away from home.
By chance I discovered that Erlangen’s urban administration actually offers a “room search”, where you can search for rooms for all kinds of events and all kinds of group sizes. That actually helped me a lot to discover the possibilities – and now I’m waiting for answers.
If I can find a room, there will be a tablet-weaving workshop on the weekend August 31/September 1, similar to the one I gave in Belgium in January: Understanding how tablet-weaving works, so you can weave patterns without needing a pattern draft. Which, if you ask me, is the coolest and most exciting (and fun!) way to do tablet-weaving!

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3 Responses to On the Hunt.

  1. Harma says:

    Don’t you have something like a community centre where things like workshops can be arranged? We have the option to rent the gym or a “classroom” for a few euro for a morning or an afternoon in the local community centre as long as I’m a member and pay the 10 euro per year membership fee. There are al kind of uses, from birthday parties, computer courses to volleybal competitions and the annual meetings of all sports organisations.

    There even is a coffee lady present!

    • Christa says:

      Same here. Except that you don’t even have to pay for membership. But you have to book them quite some time in advance.

      • Katrin says:

        Yes, in theory, we do have community centres. However, I need a specific minimum room size; it is a weekend where many of the centres are closed for summer holidays; and not all of them are available for commercial workshops – which is what I am offering. So choices are a little more limited.

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