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Elections are coming up!

If you’re a European citizen, please remember that the European Elections are coming up – and voting is a right and a privilege that we all should make use of.

If you’re not sure how this all works, you can have a look at the European Elections webpage, where you can also find country-specific information and instructions by selecting your language. If you cannot get to a voting place on the election date, it might still be early enough for you to request mail voting.

If you are a German citizen and you are not sure what to vote for, I find the Wahl-O-Mat incredibly helpful. It asks about your personal opinion on a number of topics, and then you can compare your stance with that of different parties. If the party has given a reason or explanation for their answer, it is also listed in the results. (By the way, reading the explanations given by “Die PARTEI” was hilarious. Also wonderfully sarcastic in some cases.)

While the Wahl-O-Mat is a purely German thing, it’s not the only voting advice application around – follow the link to find a wikipedia list of a number of them.

And whatever you choose – please go vote. Every vote counts.

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One Response to Elections are coming up!

  1. Heather says:

    Already voted – postal votes are the way forward!

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