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Exciting, exciting.

It’s fully feeling like summer here, I’m working on the lace chapes and on fiddling some more (and better) with metal stuff and doing some fun tablet weaving on the side and sending off orders… and there’s the summer break coming up sort of soon, and before that, I need to get all the things done and prepared for Dublin.

Dublin! WorldCon! It’s all very, very exciting – if everything goes according to plan, I might get to be in a bit of the programme, and I will (that is definite) have a table in the Dealer’s Hall, and I’ll be able to spend time with some wonderful friends, and get to stay in a room at Trinity College (which is exciting all by itself). There will be tea, and Irish food (and I’m so looking forward to that already, too) and I will have two huge suitcases to lug with me.

So, to be all honest, it’s not only extremely exciting, it’s also a little bit scary at some points. For instance, it meant registering for VAT in Ireland. It means lugging two huge suitcases into a train and into an airport and through Dublin (not too far there, though, fortunately). It also means I have to decide what to bring to my sales table… as not everything I have will fit into the suitcases, and there’s a weight limit too, and you’d be surprised at how much some things weigh, and how bulky some other things are…

Anyway. Hasn’t someone somewhere at some point said you should do at least one scary thing per day, because it’s good for you? That’s what I sort of tell myself now. That it’s good for me.

And you know what? I actually do believe it. Plus I’m so looking forward to this weird wild sell-things-at-WorldCon-Shenanigan!

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