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I can’t believe this.

First things first: I love the EU. I love what it makes possible, and that it slowly, slowly brings us all closer together. The Euro has made things a lot easier (though it was certainly bad for my currency conversion maths-in-my-head skills!), and I think it’s the only way forward.

That said… the EU and its politicians do some really stupidly weird things. Such as moving the parliament once each month from Bruxelles to Strasbourg. For a week.

Here is a video (in German, sorry) about this insanity:


This is absolutely, utterly crazy. It’s an insane waste of time, money, and resources that could better be spent in other ways. Such as helping people who had to “travel” without wanting it (aka refugees). Such as financing more sustainable technology for travel and energy. Or a hundred other things.

I’m really, really taken aback by this. How on earth can this still go on, while everyone in the EU parliament (hopefully) is aware of the climate change, and of the need to work on a more sustainable lifestyle for all of us? Why have the green parties in the parliament not protested this again, and again, and again, until it stops? Or, if that wasn’t possible for them on their own, why isn’t this made more public so more people (like me) can get really upset, and think about how to change it?

Aaaaaargh. Can we please, collectively, all have more brain power? To use for making the world better, instead of more crazy, more hateful, more fearful and more insane?

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One Response to I can’t believe this.

  1. Kathryn Leroux says:

    In the past, the info I remember hearing was that the French just had to have the EU Parliament in France, so having it meet part time in Strasbourg was the only thing they would accept… Blame it on the French!

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