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Conferences and Book Preorder Stuff.

If you’re looking for things to go to, or something to read, here are possibilities:

The EXAR conference, which will take place in Vienna on September 26 to 29, has its programme online. Registration is possible via their website, with a reduced fee if you register before August 15. As there is still space in their poster session, you are also welcome to hand in an abstract for a poster.

There will be a conference “Craftsmen and Metalworking in medieval cities: 35 years later” in Paris on September 12-14. The programme of the symposium is finished, but not available online yet; you can contact the organising committee via their website, though. Registration is open until September 5 or until the limited number of places is taken.

If you are looking for even more conferences, check out the “Conference” section on the website, where there is a long list of all kinds of them, or the EXARC webpage.

Finally, the book thing – Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila are publishing “The Typical Tudor”, which will be delivered in May 2020. If you are interested in Tudor-era clothing, this might be an interesting book for you; read more about it on their website (where you can also pre-order).

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