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Design Fiddling.

After figuring out the letters, and how much space to leave between words, and how far the lines should be apart, one more thing remained to do: the layout.

Measuring the ratio between height and width of the knitting, and counting the individual letter width, and cutting strips of paper with the appropriate measurements, and some more fiddling later, I finally had this:

which was my super-sophisticated knitting plan for actually making this. Including a plan on how much to cast on.

And then came some swatching:

Which only left one thing to do – the actual um knitting. That took some time, especially as I managed to botch in a few instances. That’s proof that one should not knit things that require brains while tired!

I finally finished this knit, though. There was a stint of late-night-blocking, and it came out like this:

Now I only need to turn it into a button – and hope it will amuse other people just as much as me. That’s how it will look, approximately:


The buttons have a diameter of 55 mm, which means that it will be possible to see a bit of the knit texture in the background, or so I hope. It’s not blatantly clear that this is knitted text, I think – but it wil have to be good enough, as there’s no way to knit letters across fewer stitches.

So. What do you think? Should I go for it?

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