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I have discovered, ages ago, that I work better with rules that are hard and firm and sort of blankety than with, hm, softer variations or guidelines. That is one of the reasons I blog every weekday (holidays and so … Continue reading

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Remember, back in January, when I wrote about my weight issues in a long, rambling post? When I started losing weight back then, I set a goal weight number as the finishing line. It took a good while to reach … Continue reading

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I’ve debated with myself for several days now whether to write this post, or not. It’s a very personal topic, and one that has just very recently become a topic I can at all approach – and that is my … Continue reading

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Today is Friday, and it’s also November 20. Which means that five years ago, the Most Patient Man Of Them All became the Most Patient Husband Of Them All (by saying “yes” at exactly the right moment).   So today, … Continue reading

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