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Stuff, Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous linky stuff has, again, piled up around here so you are getting the appropriate post.

First of all, you might remember the petition about the impending closure of the Musée des Tissus in Lyon? Well, it’s not over yet – there is still hope, as a consulting firm is going over the museum trying to figure out how it can stay open. The museum will remain open at least until July 2017 and maybe until the end of 2017, but might still be closed for good after that. You can read more about the current status here, and if you haven’t signed yet, that same link will let you sign the petition to keep the museum open – every single voice counts.

I’ve recently been pointed to a BBC series called “Mastercrafts”, and one of the parts of the series is about weaving. You can watch it on youtube (oh glory of digital videos!)

While we’re talking about Britain – if you’re looking to buy a home in Warwickshire, you could have the country’s smallest castle. It does look lovely!

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