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Those Romans…

Romans are quite fascinating, with their mass-produced goods and their incredible logistical shenanigans like aquaeducts and streets. They are also… weird. In a way, at least – they’d probably consider us modern people at least as weird as we see them, if not more so.

But on to the Roman links showing both their ingenuity and their weirdness: Roman concrete, especially that for under-water use, has long been a thing to wonder about, as it just stays strong and strong, not corroding or decaying in conditions where modern concrete would have long given up. Now, it seems, the question why this is possible has been solved. It actually is corroding – but in a way that makes it stronger. Here’s an article from the Guardian giving you details.

In the atlasobscura, you can read about clay instead of concrete. Specially shaped clay – the Romans had pottery jars just for the purpose of fattening dormice, which they would then eat as a delicacy.

Well. Probably not weirder than drinking coffee that has been shat out by civets. Or eating putterfish.

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