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Vodka! Lemonade!

I mentioned knitting being done in those past days, right? Well, here is the current status of the result of knitting:

That is “Vodka Lemonade” by Thea Colman, a cardigan with raglan sleeves, knit from the top down. I’m using Margit’s naturally-dyed “Understatement” yarn, and the colourway is called “Honigtopf” (honeypot).

I’m already looking forward to wearing this thing, both the feel and the texture are just so nice! There will, however, be need for something additional, small, for my needles for the upcoming travel to Méry, where I won’t want to lug along a half-finished cardigan…

(There’s still a very few spaces left, by the way – so if you want to join in at the Weekend Weaving Workshop, you still can!)

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