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Spam Funny.

Like probably everybody else with an email account, I’m getting spam, and sometimes plenty of that. Which is annoying (especially since legally, I’m obliged to check my spam to make sure it really is only spam…) but sometimes, there’s a real gem in there.

Interestingly, for instance, I get a lot of offers to help me find sexy girls in my city – in a number of different languages, all of them not very grammatically correct. There was English, of course, but also (badly-translated) German, French, and Spanish. I am not sure how they know that I do read all of these languages, but do not realise I’m not into ladies (well, apart from all that happily married stuff, you know).

Recently, there was also a lot of those mails telling me that the sender had cracked my account, yadda yadda, long story short, I am supposed to send money in form of bitcoin. (Obviously, there was no account-cracking – it’s just a spoofy mail to get people to send money.)

Those were all very similar, and all rather boring, semi-bad English. Yesterday, though, I got a really good one. Not only is the mail more elaborate, and the English worse than in the previous ones, it also has a P.S. And that actually is the most delightful P.S. that I have ever found in a spam note. Here it is:

P.S. You are not my single victim. so, I guarantee you that I will not disturb you again after payment!
This is the word of honor hacker

I also ask you to regularly update your antiviruses in the future. This way you will no longer fall into a similar situation.

Do not hold evil! I just do my job.
Have a nice day!

Now isn’t that nice?

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2 Responses to Spam Funny.

  1. Harma says:

    I liked the remark that he would send the videos I watched the day before,, to everyone in my mail account. As if my friends would really be shocked by double knitting video’s from Lucy Neatby!

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