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Still Not Fired.

My plan to fire the spindle whorls this week has been foiled, even though I was so looking forward to this – but somehow, things came together in a conspiratorial way to keep me from it.

First of all, there was urgent post-fair stuff to be taken care of. Then I had a (very minor) surgery done on Tuesday. That went well, but even though it’s just a very small thing, it did slow me down much more than expected – and having heavy rains also did not invite the firing action. So that’s something to still look forward to… maybe later today, if the weather permits it.

The whorls are waiting, after all. There’s enough wood waiting to be turned into ash, there’s plenty of kindling and wood shavings, it’s not raining at the moment and the sky is blue. Most importantly, though, I am moving again at almost normal speed, and I am still very excited to find out how the whorls will turn out!

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