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More offerings of the Internet!

Yesterday, I received a mail informing me that a colleague had stumbled across a .pdf version of a Festschrift for Frans Verhaeghe, online and downloadable free of charge. Since I am a curious person, I took a look at the link she had posted. And since I’m a very curious person, I then took a look at the site that hosted the file.

It’s called the OAR, het Open Archief van OE-publicaties and it hosts not only that monograph, but many others and lots of archaeological magasines. You can search the database (though in a limited way) and get a short abstract for each item on the list, sometimes in English, mostly in Dutch. The Festschrift seems to be one of a few items mostly or completely in English, but if you are interested in archaeological results from Flanders, this is your database.
And I find it utterly amazing that things like it exist, just like that, free for everyone, on the Internet!
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