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Ask me anything!

I think it’s time again for questions! I am pretty sure I did this before, but can’t find the post anymore. So I’ll make up new rules…

Ask me anything in the comments, and I will reply as well as I can. Exceptions are made if it’s too personal, or if it will require in-depth research work, or involves a trade secret. Otherwise, I’ll do my very best to answer your question.

So… anything you want to ask me?

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3 Responses to Ask me anything!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I missed this kickstarter project:
    Drei Schnittbücher: 3 16th c Austrian Master Tailor Books
    by Marion McNealy

    Could you tell us where, when and how the book will be available?

    Best regards

  2. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone (wich is 1250-1320) and making a Saxon inspired outfit for a 7th century Frisian woman.
    Do you know if sewing techniques where very different? What should the seems look like?

  3. So maybe you have answered this before but I was wondering how you got involved in researching/making textiles.

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