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Random Friday Yoga Stuff.

I’ve discovered Yoga a good while back (in spring 2013, actually) and have been doing a little bit of yoga once a week, sometimes skipping it, and sometimes adding in a bit of extra yoga time since then. With the sort-of “life reboot”* that I have going on at the moment, started off by the weight-loss-myth-busting book that I read in early January, I’ve returned to the mat with more dedication again – and yesterday, I discovered that Do Yoga With Me (which is still my favourite place to go to for yoga class videos – if you’re interested in yoga at all, do go check them out) has a 14-day challenge up, featuring fourteen classes with Fiji McAlpine.

Well, technically this challenge started on January 10, so I’m a bit late to the party. I’m also not completely convinced that I will not need a day inbetween to take a break, as Fiji is incredibly fit and I find her classes rather challenging, to the point that I have in the past taken a look at a few of them, or did the first bit and then gave up, switching to something less taxing. I did the first day of the challenge as my morning bit of sports today, though, and I managed to get through it with just a few little extra breaks (because while I’m not at the very low end of a fitness scale, I am definitely way, way less fit than I could be).

So I’m feeling a little tired now, and quite happy with myself. Which is actually a very nice combination. Tomorrow? I’ll try day two, and I’ll see how it goes.


* Looks like that is a Thing at the moment, too – Wil Wheaton has started his reboot back in October last year. Alasdair Stuart of the Escape Artists (free podcasts for Fantasy, SF and Horror) is in week 3 of his new fitness plan of working out 5 times a week. And there’s probably a lot more people that are doing something similar right now – after all, the start of a year is a good time to take stock and change things for the better.

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