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And still more links.

I’m almost through the incredible link backlog – so here’s the last drop for now:

If you are looking for a new way to practice your early Mesopotamian writing skills, you might want to bake some cuneiform cookies.

Here’s an article about the sequence of adjectives in English – a “crazy grammar rule“.

A list of sheep breeds (though there’s not much information about many of them, especially not much information about the wool).

Speaking of wool, Hakai Magazine has a nice article about the importance of wool for the vikings.

Jonathan Jarrett has posted a book review about “Debunking History” by Ed Rayner and Ron Stapley.

And that finally clears my list. I hope there was something enjoyable among the links for you!

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One Response to And still more links.

  1. Heather says:

    Re: adjective rule. Once me and him have worked out what an adjective is (we were both educated under ‘The National Curriculum’ so such things have eluded us), we’re going to stare blankly and look for exceptions out of principle!

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