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Status here…

In case you couldn’t see the blog these days – I’m trying to switch the site over to SSl, and as usual, not everything is going all smoothly all the time. So – some figuring out on how to get this switch done is on  the agenda.

Other agenda things: Write up the article for the NESAT publication. There was some Bernuthsfeld work done today (there’s always a few more details that need to be looked for); there was some knitting-related stuff (Margit is writing up a pattern for socks, and we’re planning to offer a few of the patterns she is showing as testknits). Emails with requests were handled – in short, it was one of these days where lots of small things happen, but in the end, it feels like nothing much was done. (Which is not true, but can be really irritating at times.)

So… a fairly typical Monday, I’d say. And now I hope this blog post will be nice and visible, and the comment section will behave, too (I’ve been told it has been acting up, but I haven’t found out why yet).

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  1. I was wondering why I couldn’t get into your Bernuthsfeld Man post until this morning. Thanks for the explanation.

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