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Scary Things.

From time to time, or so I’ve heard, it’s good to do something that scares you.

Well. Maybe there’s truth to this, and maybe not, but whichever is the case, I’m going to do something that scares me – I will run a Kickstarter.

And yes, that’s really scary.

Ages ago, when I published my thesis in German, I was already thinking of getting it translated into English. What I did not know back then was how difficult it would be to get this done. Translating is hard work, and it needs to be done carefully, and this will take time – especially for a hefty volume like the one I wrote. I remember almost toppling over with surprise when I got an estimate for the translation costs the first time. Then I did some test translating, and the appropriate maths that goes with it, and yes – it’s sound. It’s fair.

It’s also a shitload of money, because it takes a shitload of time.

So it’s a small wonder that a traditional, smallish publishing house will not be willing, or able, or both, to pay for the translation costs for a book that, despite its relatively great success in Germany, is still a niche publication. Which is a problem.

Finally, though, I have found a publishing house with people adventurous enough to try and go for alternative funding for the translation… which means a normal book contract for the book itself, and a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the translation costs, with the printed book as one of the pledge rewards.

And this is what I’m currently working on (yes, well, among the other things, obviously): trying to think of all the expenses and possible pitfalls, and trying to work out what pledge levels to offer. It’s a task that somehow keeps on growing, as the questions add up, and it’s surprising how much of an individual pledge’s money will disappear into item costs, fulfilment costs, payment and kickstarter fees and taxes.

I’m also still wracking my brain about possible pledge rewards. (Suggestions are more than welcome – it’s hard for me to imagine what you might want!)

So. Scary stuff. Happening. Let’s find out if that thing about being scared really is a good thing!

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