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It has happened again. (Part 1)

Last summer, I took home a plushy toy rat, and it miraculously turned into a chalkbag for bouldering.

A few days ago, a friend of ours, also a climber/boulderer, had his birthday… and just before the party, we found, by chance, this cuddly little lion in a shop:


It more or less screamed “miraculous transformation” at us. So our friend got a cuddly toy, and a voucher for its total transformation into a chalkbag. And this time I took a few more pictures of the things happening to it.

First of all, it had a little head surgery, opening up the seams on the top of the head, and then it lost its polywool filling.


Yes, all of it.

It was a huge bag full of filling… and then we had this limp little lion:


So. Things you want to have in a chalkbag? Space for the chalk itself, obviously; that should be some bag-like thing that closes off tightly to prevent dust from coming out, and should be fleecy on the inside, again to cut down on dust.

It also needs a handle of some kind to be carried easily, something to hold a brush or two, and some pocket to put in other small items.

Brush holders, in this case, were easy, as the little arms were already threaded with  elastic, so all I had to do was sew the paws to the body. The rest was a little more work… which you’ll see in the next post.

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