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Because I’m busy with finishing up an article, and doing a bunch of other stuff in preparation of the fair season (which includes sorting through the goods inventory, and re-packing and re-organising things), you are getting a random tablet weave warping picture in lieu of a normal blog post:

I am easy to amuse or to make happy in some circumstances, and warping is one of them – I find it utterly satisfying to have the yarn flow out with even tension, and to have a nice, neat stack of tablets building up as I warp. (Which means, too, that my fingers itch to set tablets straight when someone else warps, and it’s not a neat stack. Which, when you are showing how to warp to beginner weavers, is almost invariably the case…)

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2 Responses to Warping.

  1. Harma says:

    The spot where you make the cross, very close to the tablets, does make it much easier to have a nice stack from the beginning. The tablets hardly have any room to misbehave.

    • Katrin says:

      Very true! When I set up things, I make sure that the cross bit is close to one end of my warping line, exactly for this reason. It does help a lot – though I can also say from experience that if you do not take care of stacking the tablets neatly, they will still sit any odd way, and get quite jumbled. So having the cross close to the tablets does help a lot, but it’s not a “Selbstläufer”, as the Germans might say: they still don’t sort themselves into a stack if you do not do the work…

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