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I’ve finished my Vodka Lemonade.

I’ve finished Vodka Lemonade a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to blogging it.

It took me about half a year to knit this. Yes, I am a slow knitter – not when I am actually knitting, that is actually, I think, about medium speed. Most of my knitting slowness comes from having other things taking higher priority, and thus letting the current project(s) lie in some corner for a while. Which can be a significant while.

By now, though, it is finally finished, blocked, all ends woven in and snipped off, and I have already worn it a few times.

The yarn – “Understatement” from Zitron, dyed in the colourway “Honigtopf” (honeypot) by Margit from Alte Künste, really is lovely to wear. It has a silky smooth feel, a nice shine, it warms when it is cool outside but feels rather cool when it is warm.

Regarding the pattern, I’m mostly happy. Even though I took great care to make the sleeves exactly the same length, one sometimes feels like it’s longer than the other. The cardi also tends to slip off one of my shoulders when I wear it. Both these things may be due to how I move or stand – I tend to sort of twist my upper body sometimes, and that skews all my clothing, so this is nothing completely surprising, though it can still be annoying. Unrelated to this, though, it drapes in a way that makes the front look longer than the back – which, to me, does not seem optimal, but I can live with it.

I’m thinking about adding some way to wear it closed; I might do so if I can figure out something unobtrusive, to have that option for when it’s cooler (or to have less slipping off the shoulder, maybe). I have thought about adding a zipper, but I’d need to find one in a matching colour. Or maybe some unobtrusive press buttons? Some kind of hook-and-eye closure? I will think about it. Fortunately, there’s no rush!

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2 Responses to I’ve finished my Vodka Lemonade.

  1. Harma says:

    Looking at the raglan on the shoulders, the back seems far too wide. On the front, the raglan follows the line between you arms and your upper body beautifully. On the back it sits halfway on your arms. That’s a mistake in the pattern, most pics on Ravelry show the same effect.
    The Yarnharlot once wrote that nowadays, knowing her body shape and measurements she often chooses different sizes for the width of the front and the back of sweaters because in the back, she is at least one size smaller than on the front.

    The colour suits you though and I have touched Margits yarns and they are fabulous. By the way, nice pants!!

  2. I love the color, and the general style.

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