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Aislinn More Red.
27. November 2023
The colours as rendered on my phone screen are quite different to those I saw with my own eyes under...
Katrin Colours, colours.
27. November 2023
It tanked in all respects! There were between one and five groups, with most people (though we have ...
Kareina Colours, colours.
27. November 2023
Yes, colour-comparision charts are only good when they include the exact colours you are trying to m...
Aislinn Back home, but with a lot of homework...
24. November 2023
I think there'll be discernable difference in the results of the human-factor test, given the wide r...
Harma Getting There.
01. November 2023
Thanks for this clear explanation. Shows how little I know about lab work.

Blog Break.

 I'm off for a bit to attend a conference and workshop, thanks to the glorious opportunities the EuroWeb people are providing. Which means I will get to learn some more about Eastern European textiles and textile crafts!

As opposed to Germany and much of Middle and Western Europe, some traditions have kept alive much longer in the East. However, the Iron Curtain and then language barriers have played their part in keeping contact between eastern and western parts less than they should be. So I'm hoping to get a few more insights, and, even more important, some more contacts in the next days. And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a bit of Europe that I've never been to before (and being further to the east than ever).

So I will leave you with these flowers, and I'll be back on the blog on Monday, October 9.

Back (with a delay...)
The Brown Shit Has To Go.


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Sonntag, 03. Dezember 2023

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