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Harma Things I Did Today.
25. Mai 2023
Dealing with a caterer does require a lot of recouperation time afterwards. Those cold dry meatballs...
Harma Ready for the weekend...
12. Mai 2023
Semki is a lovely pattern. Very inventive and well written! I love the socks I made. I was lazy, tho...
Harma Karlsruhe! Nadelwelt!
27. März 2023
Have fun and say hello to Margit from me.
Harma Springtime!
23. März 2023
I had sundew plants and pitcher plants, hoping they would be helpfull, but they got lice too!
Katrin Springtime!
23. März 2023
I get lice and white flies as well - though there are, theoretically, white-fly-predators (tiny wasp...

Karlsruhe! Nadelwelt!

I'm deep in the preparation for the Nadelwelt fair next week. It's amazing how, shortly before a fair, there's always this and that coming back to mind that could be done, or that would be nice to have on the fair, in addition to all the other things that have to be prepared, or made, or checked.

Weird, isn't it? 

I've made good progress today, both with checks of lists, and getting things sorted, and with more preparation. Like restocking on distaffs, which means finishing their top ends with a knife and fitting them with the band. Still plenty of things left to do, though...

The Nadelwelt! We will be in B6.5 this year. Drop by if you are there, and say hello!

... which means that I will be taking a little blog break. 

The fair runs from Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 2 (come visit me and Margit at our booth in B6.5!), so after packing everything up, I'll be back home on Monday... and then it's almost Easter already. Which means I will be back on the blog after Easter, on April 11. 

Have fun, and happy egg hunting if you do!

Is it Tuesday already?
Travel Planning, Roman Style.

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Harma on Montag, 27. März 2023 14:49

Have fun and say hello to Margit from me.

Have fun and say hello to Margit from me.
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Mittwoch, 07. Juni 2023

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