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Heather Fluffy Cape.
02. November 2022
Please tell us you allowed him to wear something under the cloak
Harma Fluffy Cape.
01. November 2022
Wow! It is large and looks great. Would be nice to cuddle under. Well done.
Katrin The Things You Learn.
31. Oktober 2022
Uuuh. Having handled that very thin, very delicate goldbeater's skin, I think I would not dare a rid...
Bruce Lee The Things You Learn.
28. Oktober 2022
Goldbeater's skin was also used for the gas bags of Zeppelins and other rigid airships, until B.F. G...
Harma Business As Usual: Bookkeeping.
26. Oktober 2022
I've got my fifth shot a few weeks ago. Everyone above 12 can go for a repeat shot now. Weird that t...

Looking At You.

Here the little cat is, looking at me as I'm taking photographs to update some things in the shop: 

There's not much else to report, apart from all kinds of the prep mentioned before going on - for the Textile Forum, for the Spinntreffen, and for the presentation in Lübeck. There was some preparatory weaving yesterday evening for the band weaving on the bow loom, and there's a stack of distaffs waiting to be finished and prepared. I'm already looking forward to these, especially the weaving one - it's so nice to have in-person teaching opportunities again!

The cat, meanwhile, has settled down on a nice comfy chair and is taking a nap after the hard work of surveillance during my photo shoot.

(And while we're talking about cats - my thumb is fine again, and fully useable. So no lasting effects from having a cat tooth briefly stuck in it.)

Butterfly Bobbin.
"Zu verschenken" in a box.


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Montag, 05. Dezember 2022

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