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Natalie You know it's one of these days...
05. Juli 2024
Napping: an excellent weekend start, as it means a luxurious rest and more energy afterwards!
Kiki Spinning Speed Ponderings, Part 5.
02. Juli 2024
I spun for 15 minutes for the competition. The yarn was then wound off on a reel with 2 meters circu...
Katrin Spinning Speed Ponderings, Part 5.
02. Juli 2024
Thank you for these numbers! Do you happen to remember for how long you did the spinning when you we...
Kiki Spinning Speed Ponderings, Part 5.
01. Juli 2024
My highest measured production rate with a spindle in competition mode (top whorl drop spindle, lon...
Katrin Finally.
20. Juni 2024
Yes, about all blacksmiths that I have talked to agree that they are trickier than they seem to the ...

NESAT pictures.

If you'd like to have a peek of how the NESAT looked like, you can find a few photos up on the website. My own photos from the conference are still not all sorted and labeled, though there has been some progress. And here's one of my bad selfies, in front of the Marie Curie Statue:

I had to take a picture with her, of course - after all, there's an actions scheme with funding run in her name, and I've heard "Marie Curie" more than once in connections with textiles. Also, apart from that, she was an awesome researcher! 

Procrastinators of the World unite! Tomorrow.
Double CTR Lectures Tomorrow!


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Samstag, 13. Juli 2024

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