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Heather Fluffy Cape.
02. November 2022
Please tell us you allowed him to wear something under the cloak
Harma Fluffy Cape.
01. November 2022
Wow! It is large and looks great. Would be nice to cuddle under. Well done.
Katrin The Things You Learn.
31. Oktober 2022
Uuuh. Having handled that very thin, very delicate goldbeater's skin, I think I would not dare a rid...
Bruce Lee The Things You Learn.
28. Oktober 2022
Goldbeater's skin was also used for the gas bags of Zeppelins and other rigid airships, until B.F. G...
Harma Business As Usual: Bookkeeping.
26. Oktober 2022
I've got my fifth shot a few weeks ago. Everyone above 12 can go for a repeat shot now. Weird that t...

Off To Shenanigans!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when things come to happen, they do it in masses.

Ahead of me are three-and-a-half very full weeks, where I'm mostly away from home, doing things - giving workshops, holding presentations, doing museum inventory work, and, to balance out the work, having a few days off with the Most Patient of All Husbands inbetween. (I'm quite sure they will be needed...)

It's wonderful and exhilarating to be off and about and among people once more, though I admit I'm also a little anxious about this. There's still a pandemic happening, even though it is getting easier to ignore it all the time. I have masks, though (really well-fitting for a change, I'm quite amazed) and have just tested negative (something the Spinntreffen organisers were asking for, to self-test before going there), and I hope that I will have a sufficiently effective combination of being sensible and being lucky.

At the moment, I'm in the last bits of prep for the Spinntreffen of the Handspinngilde this weekend, and that means packing the car, printing out lists, and finishing putting together the workshop tools and materials. So once this post is done, I will hop out into the garden and cut some willow and hazel rods to serve as bow looms.

If you're interested in my presentation for the Hansemuseum Lübeck and the FGHO, it will be streamed live on YouTube on October 11, starting at 18:00. There's also still tickets available for those of you who prefer to be right in the room with me in Lübeck.

I will be back on the blog on October 24, when all my away missions are done and I'm back home - and I hope you will have a good time until then!

I'm Back! For a While.
Butterfly Bobbin.


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Montag, 05. Dezember 2022

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