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Oillight videos.

When I’m at the fairs, it’s always fun to explain the simple yet ingenious principle of the oillight to people. A lot of them get just as excited about these little things as I am – especially those with a bit of a green soul and a bit of a love for tea on teapot-warmers, as it’s possible to replace tealights with the oillight.

Explaining these things, I quickly learned that most of the visitors are really new to this old concept that’s almost forgotten today: place a swimming wick-holder on top of some vegetable oil which in turn floats on some water in a glass of your choice. The wick will burn until the oil is used up (or you extinguish it).

Because the concept has been almost forgotten today, I ended up taking an explanatory video that runs on a little tablet in my booth – to help explain the thing, and show how the lights actually look when in use (safety restrictions keep me from just lighting one – no open fire allowed at any of the fairs).

Now I’ve finally managed to go over the oillight videos and get them embedded into my shop, and while I was at it, I did a translation of both of them (which for the German fairs were, obviously, subtitled in German). Yay! So you can now watch the show on my Youtube channel, when you are looking at the oillights in the shop… or right here:

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